Monday, May 27, 2013

Awesome Gifts for Office Friends

I worked with a team of people that would get together once a year and have a celebration of the year.  For the celebration you were asked to bring a gift for each person, however, you could only spend no more than $2.00 a person!  I might have went slightly over on this one, but for people in an office, I couldn't resist!

This one was for my husbands "Man Cave".

Well, duh... =)

This one is actually a front and back.  Perfect for someone that listens to music while they work.  

Yes, we've all felt this frustration before!

It's nice to "close" for a day.

It is the cure all, right?

Gotta love GOOGLE!


Don't we all.

This is my son...for sure.

My favorite place to go!

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