Monday, May 27, 2013

Awesome Gifts for Office Friends

I worked with a team of people that would get together once a year and have a celebration of the year.  For the celebration you were asked to bring a gift for each person, however, you could only spend no more than $2.00 a person!  I might have went slightly over on this one, but for people in an office, I couldn't resist!

This one was for my husbands "Man Cave".

Well, duh... =)

This one is actually a front and back.  Perfect for someone that listens to music while they work.  

Yes, we've all felt this frustration before!

It's nice to "close" for a day.

It is the cure all, right?

Gotta love GOOGLE!


Don't we all.

This is my son...for sure.

My favorite place to go!

Chalkboard Paint?

Who doesn't LOVE LOVE LOVE chalkboard paint?  There are so many things you can do with this stuff!  Here are a few ideas:

 Wine bottles were a huge hit during Christmas time.  
Check this site out to see how to do them: Click Here .

This was a great idea for the kitchen.  The bottom cork strip is to hang important papers on.  
Works great during the school year!

I decided to go easy for Christmas in 2012.  I made everyone wine glasses with chalk board on the bottom!  Best thing EVER!  I also bought chalk and tied them with twine to place inside the glass.

My Office

I started a new job and HAD to figure out a way to keep things together.  I have gotten tons of compliments on my office that people at work have been inspired to do things to their personal spaces.

This is a picture frame painted with chalkboard paint.  Everyone has whiteboards and I was getting tired of the "same old" thing.  So, I made my own board. 

This is a closer image of the sign.  I made it 2-sided, one for when Im in the office and one for when Im not.  The side when I am "out" also includes a tiny chalkboard, so I can fill in the dates I will be out or when I will be back in!

These clipboards are AWESOME!  I got the idea online, from Martha Stewart: Click Here

I used the below scrap paper from Michaels and followed the directions on the website above.

You have to make it "homey" right? I mean, you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week there. 

Fabric is a GREAT way to enhance a cubical area.  Just buy it and pin it up!

Kids Toy Room

When we moved into our first house in July of 2008 we had to decide what to do with our finished basement.  We could turn it into an adult room with a pool table and a bar, or make it a kids toy room.  Well, after some serious thought, and a few times of cleaning up toys on the kids bedroom floors, it was decided...A Kids Toy Room!

I built the cubby organizer with the fabric bins out of wood and added the bins to store the kids toys.

With the addition of a 20' chalkboard on the back wall - this is every kids dream come true!  I also built the table with the red outside.  This is the lego table, I found chairs at Ikea that fit under it perfectly!

My daughter has her play area equipped with her very own kitchen and bassinet for her babydoll.

And, our boys have their side.  Video games plus an air hockey table-which you cant see, but its there.

My Daughters Room

My daughter LOVES to draw, so I decided to make her an "Art Studio" in her room.

This is her hair area.  I found this at Ikea.  Its a great idea to use to store hair brushes, lotion, and hair stuff!